Firm Profile

Hustvedt Cutler Architects is an architecture and interior design firm located in New York City. It was formed in 1997, with Ingrid Hustvedt and Bruce Cutler as Principals. Since the establishment of the firm, Hustvedt Cutler Architects has built a diverse portfolio of projects. The work ranges in scale from small interior renovations to twenty plus story commercial and residential buildings.

Residential developments typically constitute 60-70% of our work, with the remainder divided between high-end residential interior renovations and commercial work including offices, retail spaces, and restaurants. The bulk of the residential work is new rental and condominium buildings in the 5- to 20-story range. We also have extensive experience in residential conversion of existing buildings, typically with major modification to building systems, and often with substantial enlargement of the building. In each project we are deeply involved in every aspect of the development, including layouts, finishes, lobbies, exterior development, and coordination of building mechanical and structural systems.

Hustvedt Cutler Architects has always made a strong commitment to the goals and requirements of our clients. We back this up with outstanding design work, thoughtfully and appropriately developed for each project, and with careful attention to coordination and details, drawing on our comprehensive understanding of construction practices. We are also known for our extensive knowledge of the New York City Zoning Resolution and Building Code, and our hands-on experience with the Department of Buildings, Landmarks Preservation Commission, and other City agencies.

Our ability to bring this variety of knowledge and skills to the table means that from the beginning to the end of each project we provide the drawings, the documents, and the professional expertise our clients need. Our commitment to the highest goals of architecture, along with our down-to-earth understanding of what it takes to build in New York City, has given Hustvedt Cutler Architects a proud history of successful projects and satisfied clients.


INGRID HUSTVEDT     Master of Architecture 1988, Columbia University
Ingrid Hustvedt began private practice in 1991. Her portfolio of projects includes restaurants, offices, retail spaces, and residences in New York City and in other parts of the country. These projects exemplify the best of high-end custom design, often incorporated into complex renovations of existing buildings and spaces.

BRUCE CUTLER     Master of Architecture 1986, Columbia University
Prior to forming Hustvedt Cutler Architects Bruce Cutler spent 10 years with Architects Design Group, where he was project architect on several new residential buildings and numerous residential building conversions in Manhattan. He brings detailed knowledge of New York City Zoning and Building Code issues, extensive experience with the Landmarks Preservation Commission, comprehensive knowledge of the condominium approval process, and thorough understanding of New York City construction practices.